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Julie Williams is an Australian artist living on the western edge of the Blue Mountains in the Vale of Clwydd NSW. Her photo media practice spans 30 years and examines the role of the artist within the contemporary world and the effects of day to day life on humans and the environment. She works at home in an area of wild landscapes, rich in natural history and infused with an ancient indigenous history and culture. This region is also pitted with colonial and early industrial ruins, and is a longstanding coal mining community. Civilisation confronts the wilderness in these mountains and for Williams, this dichotomy entrenched within her homeland is at the core of her art practice.

Williams addresses our vulnerability as a species disconnected from nature; disconnected from ourselves. Across photography, video and installation, she utilises self portraiture with multiple exposures; immersing herself deep within the landscape to highlight the search for reconnection and an ecological healing. The camera lens is an eye, her eye, as it passes over and through the land uncovering and rediscovering old places: twisting white lines of sunlight on water become written language to decipher, birdsong audio morphs into human chanting, and the mountains and caves resonate with the depths of time. When the artist appears in the imagery, it as a translucent figure displaced and searching. Her work queries the spirit of place and how humanity can inhabit a location more fully.

Williams graduated from the City Art Institute (UNSW) in Sydney in 1985. In 1994 she embarked with fellow artist Ruth Thompson to Argentina on the widely acclaimed collaborative project Deciphering the Unseen which toured Australia nationally. Williams has exhibited widely: she has received commendations in national art awards, artist grants and private sponsorship with her work represented in private collections.